You should not be making categorical statements that this  is the most intense El Niño ever off of an experimental forecasts

That was regional meteorologist Don Day's reaction to headlines from some major media outlets that we are heading for a "Super El Niño."

El Niño and La Niña are mainly caused by cycles of the Sun.

When the sun is more active, an area in the Pacific off the Equator heats up. That is an El Niño. That causes more evaporation and more rain and snow coming to North America.

When the Sun is not as active, the same ocean area cools and North America experiences drought- that is La Niña.

That's the simple explanation.

Scroll the 5:08 time in the video below to watch Don Day give a detailed explanation.

This has nothing to do with CO2 levels or man's use of organic fuels like coal, gas, and oil.

News outlets often look for the most shocking headlines to get your attention.

This is nothing new. Screaming headlines was a thing before the internet was invented.

It used to be called "yellow journalism", today we call it "clickbait."

Don Day calls it irresponsible. 

Despite what you hear or read, we are not experiencing warmer summers or colder winters.

We are not experiencing more or higher intensity hurricanes.

We are not experiencing more tornadoes, floods, or droughts.


Don Day calls out several major news outlets for pushing this idea of a "Super El Niño."

Be very, very careful of what you read. It often does not match up with the data

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