At 5:30 Saturday morning, 03/23/24, regional weatherman Don Day posted a special update for possible severe weather for the eastern part of Wyoming and east into the plains states.

South Dakota and Nebraska will receive a hard hit this weekend from freezing temperatures and several feet of snow.

The eastern edge of Wyoming might be caught up in this.

It will be close enough for those who live out there to prepare as if it is a sure thing.

Those with livestock should be preparing now.

If you need to travel it's a good idea to get to your destination sooner rather than later. Some highways will be closed during this event.

Don Day's video update is below, in this article.

attachment-Weather update don day

Winter weather advisories from the National Weather Service cover an extensive area, including Montana, a portion of eastern Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

This is not just a Saturday storm.

Several systems in a row will continue to harass these areas through Monday, adding to its severity.

If the Canadian weather model is correct we can expect eastern Wyoming to get a little snow and miss out on the bulk of these storms.

But a different weather model shows the eastern side of the state well into this storm system.

A little variation could change everything.

The video below is Don Day's full explanation.

Crook Weston and Niobrara counties are the ones that have to pay close attention to these weather systems.

I sure hope you have enjoyed these nice, spring-like temperatures. That's about to change for everyone through early next week.

The middle of next week brings a few nice days, and then more weather like this moves in again.

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