Posted by Wyoming PBS

Our relay tower on Pine Hill has collapsed. While it will be Spring before a tower crew can access the site to replace the tower, we are working on alternate ways to deliver our signal. We hope to be back on the air in the southern part of the state by Friday. If you have a good internet connection, you can download the free PBS app and watch WyomingPBS online.

On May 10, 1983, Wyoming PBS, then known as KCWC-TV or simply called Channel 4, signed on the air. Now, they are off the air again until they can rebuild the tower.

They posted the following video of their engineers trying to get to the tower and inspect the damage.

WyomingPBS is currently off the air in the southern part of the state. The engineers are taking our snow tractor from mountain to mountain to find the source of the failure. Next stop is Pine Hill in the Shirley Basin.

No matter the season, WyomingPBS is dedicated to providing access to our signal across multiple platforms. This short video is an example of what that dedication looks like during some of our more challenging months! (WyomingPBS ).

At this point, we can only speculate that winter conditions, including wind, caused the collapse.

That's the price of doing business in a windy place like Wyoming.

At this point, there isn't any other information on the damage done.

Though all damage seems to be to the tower and what was on it and not to the transmitter.

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