Well-mannered, hard-working, mostly-church-going, gun-toting, hard-drinking, hard-at-loving, horse-riding, cattle-roping, meat-eating, small-town-loving, independent-minded, 'ner do wells.

Misunderstood because we don't want another person's money unless we earned it.

Don't want to tell another what to do with their lives.

Don't you dare tell a Wyomingite what to do with theirs.

Living by The Cowboy Code. It's even written in state statute.

1.  Live each day with courage.
 2.  Take pride in your work.
 3.  Always finish what you start.
 4.  Do what has to be done.
5.  Be tough, but fair.
 6.  When you make a promise, keep it.
 7.  Ride for the brand
 8.  Talk less, say more.
 9.  Remember that some things are not for sale.
10. Know where to draw the line.
Love for you to visit. Bring your kin. But if you find you don't like us or can't understand us, sorry we won't be changing to suit your idea of what we are supposed to be.
Thanks just the same for visiting.
Please remember to close the gate on the way out.

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