Electric cars are being pushed on the public as the next great thing.

Some agree. Some don't. Wyoming doesn't care.  

Wyoming is in the job of providing fuel for the rest of the nation. We have coal, gas, and oil, Even uranium and rare earth minerals.

Every day Wyoming mines and transports hundreds of tons of cheap and clean fuel for eclectic cars all over the nation.

Recently, California was suffering from blackouts and brownouts after they tried to use only wind and solar power. The state actually asked electric car owners if they could please not charge their cars for a while.

To solve the problem California turned some of its natural gas power plants back on. Can you guess where much of that natural gas came from? YUP! Good ol' Wyoming.

Electric car in charging

So when it comes to the latest fad Wyoming is proud to announce that we have plenty of electric car fuel available. Hundreds of years worth, to be precise.

Let's face it, wind and solar come from mining processes that are bad for the environment, highly toxic to create and dispose of, expensive, and unreliable.

But Wyoming's electric car fuel is clean, cheap, and always reliable.

Did you know that charging an electric car actually produces more CO2 than driving a gas-powered car? You can read more about that at this link.

Sean Gallup, Getty Images
Sean Gallup, Getty Images

Wyoming is also proud that the state is pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere. Peer-reviewed studies by numerous major universities and climatologists show that CO2 is actually GREENING the planet. You can read more about that at this link.

So to the owners of eclectic cars, Wyoming and the Wyoming coal, gas, and oil companies would like to thank you for your business.

And, to those electric car owners, the Wyoming coal industry is proud to be your electricity provider.

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