A few years ago, I was invited out to visit the Bliss Dinosaur Ranch in Weston Wyoming, near the Montana boarder. We spent the day on Mr. Bliss's ranch, digging up bones that had been deposited in a river that ran through the area before man was ever here.

Yesterday I saw on social media that Mr. Bliss had dug up a  T-rex’s middle-toe bone.

There is a reason we are called the “Bliss Dinosaur Ranch. T-rex’s Middle Toe Bone, Just before the HIGHLY desirable killing claw is a rare bone being only 2 per T-rex. The T-rex’s only constitute 2 percent of the fossil volume found in the Hell Creek Formation. This is about 1/400th of the volume of a t-rex’s skeletons proportionality so 1/400th of 2 percent. 

It is still moist and has sand all over it from it’s excavation. It was perfect (still is), needed NO superglue to hold it together or repair it in any way. This is also rare for a river water deposited bone washed unknown miles down an ancient river, buried, washed away in a scour or channel change rinse and repeat for 3 million years of this sand being dumped on this country.

The "gods" of the outcrop have a strange sense of humor preserving and presenting me with the bone right behind the coolest part of the whole animal lololol.

You can see photos of the the T-Rex bone and more at BlissPhotographics.com

Also go on line and visit Bliss DInosaur Ranch, Wyoming/Montana borderlands.

Frank Bliss lives and owns a working cattle ranch located on both sides of the Montana/Wyoming border that has 3,000 acres of Hell Creek Formation under the grass. He was raised a farmer and earned a bachelors degree in GeoBiology, with a masters degree in Geology.

Back in 1999 Mr. Bliss "retired and bought ranch". I am not sure how ranching is retirement, but he swears that it is.

Besides ranching, he now operates a Wyoming-based bed-and-breakfast officially called the “Bliss Bones Bed and Breakfast” - but the locals call it the “Bliss Dinosaur Ranch”. They have dozens of visitors every year to their digs.

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