USA TODAY has posted a list of what each state receives in federal money. If you don't want to skim through the entire list here is Wyoming's ranking:

36. Wyoming

• Net federal funding: $670 per resident

• Total revenue from fed. gov.: $7.1 billion (the least)

• SNAP benefit recipiency: 6.3 percent (tied - the lowest)

• Median household income: $60,434 (19th highest)

This does not include how much Wyoming is receiving in COVID relief money.

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When I first read Wyoming's ranked number 36 in money taken from the federal government I thought, OH GOOD we are close to the bottom!

But then I stopped for a moment and thought, wait, we are the least populated state, why aren't we #50?

Currently, America holds a national debt of around $32 trillion. Add in state debt and unfunded liabilities that number jumps to close to $150 trillion.

President Biden wants to borrow another $4 trillion on top of that.

At present, the nation is having trouble keeping up with monthly interesting payments on the debt. It won't be long before we can't even keep up with that. This debt will crash the U.S. dollar and cause future generations to live much the way we did during the great depression.

For those who worry about the future of our nation, they should seriously start worrying about our government's spending problem.

Due to problems with the coal gas and oil industries, in part caused by the government, Wyoming has had to make major cutbacks in the size of state and local government. To help our nation survive we might look into how to spend even less, making the least populated state #50 on that list.

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