Foster Stephen Friess (April 2, 1940 – May 27, 2021)

Call me Foster, he insisted. He hated being called Mr. Friess. Despite being a successful businessman he hated meetings. Foster preferred make a decision and move on to the next problem.

Wyoming remembers him as a candidate for governor. But he was running against another billionaire, Sam Galiotos along with several other candidates. The vote was split so may ways that man everyone thought did not have a chance, Mark Gordon, won the race.

Foster and his wife owned a home in Jackson Wyoming. Also a 300-acre ranch on the South Fork of the Shoshone River, near Cody. These were not their only homes around the nation but it is where they claimed official residence.

Foster Friess was born in 1940 in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. he attended Rice Lake High School, Always successful he was valedictorian and on the basketball and track teams.

Foster then attended the University of Wisconsin (now University of Wisconsin–Madison), for a degree in business administration. We became president of Chi Phi fraternity, and participated in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps. Always charming he was named "ten most outstanding senior men."

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Still a young man in 1962, he married fellow student Lynnette Estes. They have 5 children.

After college, Foster enlisted and became a platoon leader and then an intelligence officer for the 1st Guided Missile Brigade at Fort Bliss, Texas.

In 1964, he began inventing with Brittingham family-controlled NYSE in Wilmington, Delaware. He soon became Director of Research.

In 1974, Friess and his wife launched their own investment management firm. That business grew to around $15 billion in wealth.

Foster was an American investment manager and big time donor to the Republican Party and Christian right causes.

There is a very long list of causes Foster and his wife donated to over the years. A lot of people ow the two of them more than can be counted. From natural disasters to helping impoverished people in small countries around the world.

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