Kids in Glenrock will receive a rather large and unexpected gift given to the Boys & Girls Club of Glenrock.
Wyoming's own Foster Friess and his wife Lynnette have donated $100,000.00 to the Glenrock Club in honor of Dr. Joseph McGinley.
“I can think of no other organization that meets so many needs and touches so many families in Glenrock. The proposed building for the Club from the town and county will be an anchor for children by providing educational support, sports, meals, technology education and so much more,” said Dr. McGinley of Glenrock.
“As business owners in Glenrock, it is our pleasure to support this effort. I’m hoping others will join me in helping to make the proposed building a reality for the children of Glenrock.”
The Boys & Girls Club of Glenrock supports programs based on academic success, healthy lifestyles, and good character & citizenship.
The club is currently located inside the Glenrock Intermediate School. The school provides play and learning spaces along with access to the gymnasium, auditorium, pool and more.
Currently, the club operates in a space for homework, arts & crafts, and other activities.
Right now they attend to 50 kids after school each day. Elementary students are dropped off at the Club after school by bus.
To join the club or help them out in any way just follow this link to The Boy's & Girl's Club Of Glenrock.
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