The videos below are from Memorial Day services that remind us what we are gathering for and why we take a special day off to remember.

Memorial Day is not just a day to stay at home and relax. Not just a day to take a long weekend to go camping. There is a reason behind this day. The freedom to have this extra day off as free people came at a heavy price.

This first video is from Cheyenne Wyoming.

From the Wyoming National Guard. Soldiers of the Wyoming Military Department share who they remember on this Memorial Day is a time to remember the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the United States. 

Memorial Day, from locations near Casper, Wyoming 2014.

Memorial Day services near Rawlins, Wyoming 2018

This next video is moving and is a reminder of what this day is really all about.  Former president Ronald Reagan delivers probably one of the finest Memorial day addresses ever.

Whatever your plans are for this weekend please take a moment to remember and thank those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom we all have as Americans.

Watch this website and other Townsquare Media sites for services near you.

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But at the very least, hang a flag outside your door. If you have kids tell them what this day is all about.

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