The people of Sheridan Wyoming are rallying around the family of a slain police officer, and the woman whose home was demolished to capture his alleged killer.

In light of Tuesday's events, a benefit account for Sergeant Krinkee's family has been set up at First Federal.

Please make checks payable to Karla Krinkee or FBO Nevada Krinkee and our team will make sure the funds are deposited to the account.

Checks can be mailed to PO Box 6007, Sheridan, WY 82801 or dropped off at our branch at 671 Illinois St. (Sheridan Police Deptartment).

You can help too by using the information below.

attachment-Sheridan Police officer fund

As for the home that was destroyed by police to get at the suspect, the Sheridan community is coming together to help rebuild the old place.

Police used a water cannon, tear gas, flash-bang grenades, and an excavator to try to get into the house and flush the suspect out.

Honestly, how do you explain this to your insurance company?

Is the police department or city prepared to pay for the rebuild? Probably not.

Contractors are being contacted. Money is being raised.

Folks are using the Sheridan Rants & Raves Facebook Page to organize.

attachment-Sheridan Wyo Rants & Raves

Cowboy State Daily posted this video, captured from YouTube, showing the damage done during the standoff. Their article describes what happened in detail and how you can help those affected.

After 30 hours the police decided they were not going to be gentle about it.

They believed the suspect was up in the attic. So, they are tearing apart the attic.

If they have to rip apart the house to get at this guy, so be it. The entire house will have to be torn down and rebuilt.

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