In our modern times, Realtors like to post videos explaining why folks who have never been to their area should consider buying a home in their town.

Now and then someone puts out a video that perfectly captures the spirit of the community they represent.

A new YouTube video shows Sheridan, Wyoming in a wonderful light. I thought it was worth sharing with you.

Sheridan, Wyoming really is a magical place.

Sitting in the shadows of the Bighorn Mountains, there’s always something to do.
Plenty of places to go if you’re into the outdoors.

Matt Wescott of Sheridan narrates his video from Wyoming to the outside world.

You can watch his video below.

This is why we love living in Wyoming.

Historic Downtown gives you a genuine feeling of community.
The people….the history…the fun...the real West….a Western culture.
The activities & events…well they can be pretty exciting.
Take some time to get to know what a great little town Sheridan is.

Sheridan is not a BUSY metropolis with crowded, dirty streets. It’s small.

attachment-YouTube Sheridan Wyoming Video 1

The population in the county is less than 40,000, less than 20,000 in the city, Don't expect to find a Costco or professional sports teams- that's not why people move here.

What we do have is something special. Something unique. A place to take your time & appreciate life.


Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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