That ruler you see above shows the actual snow total in my front yard here in Wyoming.

It didn't just snow for hours. It snowed for days and nights.

Light fluffy stuff, most of the time.

In most parts of Wyoming there really wasn't any wind. Most but not all.

As always how much you got depends on where you are.

So let's take a look at the basic snow totals as they are recorded on Tuesday morning, 01/03/23.

This first image is from a website called Weather Street.

attachment-Wyoming Snow Totals.

That gives you a basic idea for your area.

Below are the numbers for your area.

As you might have expected the western side of the state, in the mountains, got far more than the planes.

Now, lets drill down on those numbers with a long list from The National Weather Service.

Storm Total Snowfall Reports

Fremont County
Townsend Creek Snotel 12
Sinks Canyon - MU Camp 10
9.5 SW Lander 9
Hobbs Park Snotel 9
South Pass Snotel 8
South Pass 8
Jeffrey City 6
7 SW Lander 5
6 SW Lander 4.6
Red Canyon 4
Deer Park Snotel 4
15 W Jeffrey City 3
Atlantic City 2.5
3 SSE Lander 2
St. Lawrence Alt Snotel 2
7 WNW Lander 2
Cold Springs Snotel 2
9 SSE Lander 1.8
Lander 0.5-1.5
1 SW Lander 1
6 SE Lander 1
Lander Airport 0.7
Hot Springs County
Owl Creek Snotel 1

attachment-buring husky in the snow youtube.

Johnson County
Little Goose Snotel 9
Cloud Peak Reservoir Snotel 7
Soldier Park Snotel 7
Hansen Sawmill Snotel 2
Bear Trap Meadow Snotel 1
17 NNW Kaycee 0.3
Spring Creek Divide Snotel 4
Indian Creek Snotel 3
Kemmerer/Diamondville 3
Kelley Ranger Station Snotel 3
Blind Bull Summit Snotel 2
Cottonwood Creek Snotel 2
Fossil Butte 2
Salt River Summit Snotel 1

attachment-Embrace the SUCK snow

Natrona County
Casper Mountain 16-22.5
Casper Mountain Snotel 19
Reno Hill Snotel 17
5 SW Casper 12
2 S Casper 10.5
10 WSW Casper 9.1
11 ESE Casper 8.8
4 WSW Casper 6.1
Grave Spring Snotel 6
11 WSW Casper 6
4 WSW Casper 5.7
Midwest 5.5
2 E Evansville 5
Casper 2-4.2
Powder River 4

attachment-Unicorn Snow Blower YouTube

Park County
3 NE Sunshine 0.5

Sublette County
Triple Peak Snotel 2
Snider Basin Snotel 1
Pinedale 0.6
14 NW Pinedale 0.3

Sweetwater County
7 SE Rock Springs 0.7
5 N Farson 0.3
Rock Springs 0.3

Teton County
Darwin Ranch 4

Washakie County
Middle Powder Snotel 3

Wyoming Shelter Dogs Having Fun In The Snow

If you enjoy these pictures, please consider following the links above to give back to these organizations that help feed and shelter Wyoming animals, especially on snowy days like this: 

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