A Casper attorney who failed to return the unearned portion of a fee after being terminated by a divorce client will not be allowed to practice law in Wyoming for one year.

Kara Crawford-Fink was suspended by the Wyoming Supreme Court after admitting that she violated rules regarding fees and the duties of an attorney upon termination of representation.

Crawford-Fink's disciplinary history includes a private reprimand in 2017 and a 120-day suspension in 2018, according to a statement from the Wyoming State Bar.

"The disciplinary order resulted from Crawford-Fink's representation of a client in a divorce matter," the statement reads. "The client paid a $3,500.00 fee at the outset of the representation. The client ultimately terminated Crawford-Fink's representation and retained other counsel, demanding a return of the fee."

Crawford-Fink, though, didn't return the unearned portion of the $3,500.

In agreeing to the suspension, Crawford-Fink also agreed to return $3,000 to her former client. She will also have to pay an administrative fee of $750 and a $50 fee to the state bar.

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