In the last election, Wyoming voted for Trump, per capita, more than any other state.

That voter turnout for Trump will probably repeat itself in the upcoming election.

But what about the rest of the nation?

Regardless of your political position on who should be the next president, it seems that a large percentage of minorities are thinking about voting anything but Democrat in this next election.

A recent story, based on polls in the Economist Magazine showed voters in minority communities moving away from the Democrat party on various issues.

This means that new supporters of the Republican party are not going to look or sound anything like the old supporters.

Model Amber Rose appears in a new MAGA-themed music video from rapper Forgiato Blow, titled “Trump Trump Baby”

The video slams President Biden on various issues and praises Trump as the man they are going to vote for.

The rapper's YouTube page, titled Mayor Of Magaville, is currently filled with Trump-supporting videos.

This pro-Trump rap is not for your typical Wyoming Republican.

For example, one video is titled “FJB”  and its euphemism is “let’s go, Brandon.”

In other words, some of the harsh language in these videos is not for everyone.

Wyoming fans might like this, a somewhat funny, pro-Trump parody song in a country music style with AI pictures of Trump singing.

What about something a little louder and more obnoxious?

We'll have to go to Kid Rock for that.

Kid Rock, a vocal Trump supporter, released a song and video that now has 2.19 million views on YouTube.

It's raw kid rock so you'll have to put up with a lot of LOUD and a lot of harsh language.

He doesn't hold back on what he thinks about Biden, Dr. Fouchie, and many other people and issues.

Gone are the old, corny campaign songs of our grandparents' generation.

You might look at the videos above and wonder, will this crap really convince anyone of anything?

Well, if you go back and watch campaign songs from a couple of generations ago you'll wonder the same thing.


Here's an old one trying to convince folks to VOTE FOR IKE!

Yeah, music had really changed a lot, hasn't it?

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