According to the Wyoming Department Of Health, in 2022 Wyoming had fewer people born, fewer died, fewer got married, and fewer got divorced.

“We’re tracking data about Wyoming residents and vital events that happen within our state”, Kim Deti, Dept' Of Health Director said. “So all of those records have probably been affected in some way or another by the pandemic and we are starting to maybe see a little bit more normalization. ”

Deti blamed guns for the high number of Wyoming deaths.

“Unfortunately Wyoming has historically had a very high suicide rate. There can be a number of explanations for that, but certainly higher gun ownership is one of them”, Deti said.

But suicide rates remain high in states and countries where gun ownership is low. Someone who wants to commit suicide will find a way if a gun is not available.

Murder rates in places that have strict gun control do not go down. Sometimes it even goes up, despite all the strict laws.

2021 in Wyoming actually saw a reduction in suicide deaths. There were 149 suicides recorded among Wyoming residents compared to 190 in 2021.

gorodenkoff/Getty Images
gorodenkoff/Getty Images

The top five causes of death in 2022 were heart disease, cancers, and various types of accidents.

The questions often asked when we see numbers like this are WHY?

Why fewer marriages?

Why fewer divorces?

Why did the suicide rate go down?

Those questions will be looked into but most of the answers, even after careful studies, will still be speculation.

Compared to other states Wyoming is still a much quieter and safer place to live.

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