It's a fast-paced world, with a lot of technology, news, social media, politics and so much more that can overwhelm us.

What if we could step back, just a little, and catch our breath?

No need to totally check out. There's nothing wrong with enjoying today's modern conveniences and toys.

Jill Winger and her husband have become modern-day homesteaders near Chugwater Wyoming.

But since the homestead act was actually repealed back in 1976, she decided that what they were doing needed a new name.

She calls it being "Old-Fashioned On Purpose."

This is also the title of her new book.

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Jill was nice enough to leave a copy of Old Fashioned On Purpose at the Chugwater Soda Fountain, (Wyoming's oldest soda fountain). where I always stop for breakfast, lunch, or a malt, as I travel across the state. She and her husband bought the old soda fountain a few years back, repaired, upgraded, and improved it, making it a worthwhile stop to any local ranch worker or traveler on the interstate.

Yes, they have chickens and grown much of their own food. But her floors are vacuumed by a Roomba. There are still many electronic toys out there that are fun, and make our lives easier.

She teaches her homestead-ish lifestyle with a successful YouTube page and podcast. There is a lot to learn from her webpage The Prairie Homestead.

I have to complement Jill on her writing style. The words flow easily with imagery that will draw you into her world and have you longing for a life that is more in touch with nature.

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Jill Writes:

What are we leaving behind in our race towards progress?
We have more convenience and comfort than ever before, so why does something feel off?

Stillness feels elusive amid our frantic schedules
The more we consume, the unhappier we feel
We have thousands of friends on Facebook, but still feel disconnected
The industrial food system continues to weaken our bodies
And our screens distract us 24/7.
…But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The past holds the key to finding ourselves
But that doesn’t mean we need to start reenacting history or living without electricity.

Living an old-fashioned on purpose life is an awakening…

A remembering…

A returning to what matters…

And it’s available to everyone.

Jill will join me for an interview on Wyoming's morning talk show, Wake Up Wyoming, heard on stations across the region.

No matter if you have been curious about living a life like this, or already do, I highly recommend her new book, "Old-Fashioned On Purpose," as a book you'll enjoy reading this fall or as a Christmas gift.

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It's always worth stopping in for breakfast or lunch, or maybe a shake or malt.

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