Wyoming is seen as a mostly Republican state.

The second largest party, the Democrats, is out there, but they are in such small numbers it is almost impossible for them to hold much power in the state.

Those are the political parties you hear about. What about the other 4? Yes, there are 4 more out there.

So why don't we hear from them?

Over the past 10 years that I've lived in Wyoming, I've made a point to try and contact each party and speak with anyone. I have found each encounter more than just a little disappointing.

Websites and contact information for these parties is usually a mess. Many of them don't like using social media, or don't know or care to know how. They have no idea how to contact the press for interviews (like with myself) to get on the air.

In other words, these folks tend to be socially awkward and have no idea how to make themselves known beyond their small circle of friends.

The names of the parties above are all linked to their Wyoming websites. Click and explore if you are curious. Let me know if you are as disappointed in them as I am.

This is all really a shame. Philosophically I agree with a couple of the parties listed here - but unless they get it together they will never be anything more than a forgotten political curiosity.

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