A talented young Wyoming man with a real shot at baseball's big leagues had become a rising star, only to have it suddenly taken from him.

What now? Did he have a plan B for his life?

Josh Kalinowski believes our defeats and failures are not mistakes, but rather life lessons.

Listen to the interview, below, as Josh talks with Glenn Woods and Frank Gambino about how he overcame failure and broken dreams.

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Josh is now the CEO of 8 companies, coach, and a man of faith and family. Josh is hellbent on helping leaders live a life of exceptional impact, influence, and faith. Through his speaking, coaching, and organizations Josh leads others to reach their potential in business and life.

In​ his new book, Strike 3- What to do when the game’s over but life is not​, Josh Kalinowski uses his experience as a former professional baseball player to illustrate what it feels like to give up everything for what he thought was his dream.

We all have those times when we are down and out. It's usually right around the time life decides to give us a good kick. In those moments, what we need is an inspiring message from someone who has been there about how to take those hard times and use them as life lessons to stand back up as a stronger person.

Josh has returned to Casper, Wyoming where he works raises his family, and uses the hard lessons that he came his way to inspire others.

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