Recently, the publication "Best Life" determined that Wyoming is the country's ninth-best state for road tripping. They pointed to our state's affordable camping and the presence of Yellowstone National Park as reasons for the ranking. And you know what? They were right, Wyoming is an excellent state to road trip through.

The Cowboy State has some exceptional scenery and unique tourist destinations. Of course, most folks traveling to Wyoming think of Yellowstone, Devil's Tower, and Jackson. But there is so much more to our state than that!

Wyoming is, after all, an enormous state. It's the tenth largest state in the Union, covering over 97,914 square miles. It takes about seven hours to drive from the eastern edge of the state to the west (and that's if you don't make any stops.) And Jackson and Yellowstone? They're both in the same corner of the state. So, clearly, there's a lot of forgotten land in Wyoming for road trippers to explore.

So, what else does Wyoming have to offer? Plenty! We have some fantastic, totally underrated travel destinations throughout our state. And because they are underrated, you don't have to fight with the same-sized crowds that Yellowstone and Jackson have.

I decided to put together some of Wyoming's best-underrated and off-the-beaten-path road trip destinations. These cities are smaller than Cheyenne or Casper and offer unique experiences that make them ideal for a stop on your next road trip!

Wyoming's Most Underrated Road Trip Destinations

Check out Wyoming's most underrated travel destinations.

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