For a while the building craze in America was BIG. Some folks called these large houses "McMansions".

However, the high cost of building and maintaining a large house was too much for most people. Too much money and too much hassle.

So began the tiny home craze.

Wyoming is a state that supports the individual's right to choose their path in life. So, if you want a tiny house, Wyoming has very few regulations that would stand in your way.

Each county, city, and town has now developed tiny home regulations and codes, so check before building. But these codes are not too different from one place to the next.

There are tiny homes on wheels. That's not necessarily considered a mobile home.

Still, some cities place these under the definition of a trailer, meaning it can only be placed in a zoning district for a Manufactured home mobile park.

In some other places, wheels are known as RVs, which cannot be used as dwelling units.

Casper, for example, has specific requirements for tiny houses on wheels. 

The tiny houses on wheels are classified as trailers in Casper and can only be certified to be called so through a HUD-certified inspector.

A building permit is not required for these homes as they were manufactured and then shipped.

Mobile homes must be placed in the R-6 zoning district as they are too small to meet the zoning requirements for a manufactured mobile home (at least 24' x 36').

Evanston, Wyoming has different rules for the same dwellings.

What about a tiny home that is on a foundation?

Once again, check your local rules because they vary.

On average you'll find that they require a living room and one bedroom with 220 square feet of floor area.

If the living room is separate from the bedroom, the living room should cover at least 120 square feet.

The ceiling height should be at least 7 feet.

There are various rules for kitchen and closet space, as well.

In some states,  RVs are classified as mobile homes. Once again, check with your local government. Regulations vary from town to town.

In the video, below, a young man in Wyoming built his first house for just a few thousand dollars.

So, where can he park it to live?

He'll need to check with his local city or county officials.

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