I've heard of singing sand dunes. I had no idea Wyoming had them.

Here's how it works.

The sand in a booming, or singing dune, is more polished and rounder than other dunes. If people walk on the grains of sand, or if wind passes over the sand grains, the sand slides down the sides of the hill which makes the sound of 'singing.'

It's a haunting sound. Most of us who have heard it have only heard it on TV or over a Youtube video.

This is something worth adding to your bucket list.

To give you an idea of these strange vibrations I went looking for a video that best illustrates them. But again, this is nothing like what it sounds like in person.

If you want to make it happen you'll have to find a tall dune made of light land. Go up to the top. Make sure to go a different route than where you want to listen. You'll not want to disturb the sand with your footprints.

Once at the top sit on your butt and slide. You'll see that demonstrated in the video above.

If you can get the sand flowing downhill just right you'll begin to hear the vibrations created, and it will sound like a haunting whistle or singing.

I've written another article on the sand dunes of Wyoming and where you can find them. You can read all about it and find directions at this link.

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