In political speak, a 'RINO' is a Republican who is not really a conservative. "Republican In Name Only" (RINO).

Some RINOs know they are. Some think they are conservative but don't really think or vote that way.

Recently I was sitting with a friend of mine, discussing the Wyoming legislative body and how disappointed we often are in them, and he asked me if I had heard of Much to my own surprise, I had not.

The website provides the voting record of all Republicans in the house and senate and rates them on if they have voted for higher taxes, or bigger, more intrusive government.

A Republican who wants to expand Medicaid, is a RINO.

A Republican who wants a state income tax, is a RINO.

A Republican who does not understand that we are a nation, and state, of individuals, not part of a collective, is a RINO.

On the website, the names of Republicans who get low scores are highlighted in red.

Based on those scores, the folk at hope it will help conservative Wyomingites find and elect actual conservatives in upcoming elections.

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