If you're a mom, you know life isn't easy. The same goes for grizzlies as a new video share shows that it's hard to get some time to yourself when you have little ones.

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker is one of the groups that does tours around the park which means they often encounter some fun wildlife moments. This would fall into that category as it shows a grizzly mom trying to get a good back scratch while her cubs just want to nurse.

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Animal Fact Guide notes that bear cubs will stay with their mom up to 3 years. The good news for this grizzly mom is that they'll become less dependent on her as they get older. The bad news is that isn't today.

The life of a typical grizzly mother in Yellowstone is extra challenging as they have to not only provide food for these young ones, but also fend off other predators including other bears.

Even if you're only in need of a good back scratch, life isn't easy for mothers. Bears and otherwise.

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