Who doesn't want to see The Tetons and Yellowstone National Park?

The worry is that it's often too crowded.

You could always find the off-season and visit then.

Or visit one of Wyoming's other impressive and historic mountain ranges, like The Bighorns.

What you'll find up there is equally awe-inspiring yet does not have anywhere near the number of tourists that the extreme west side of Wyoming has.

According to Justin, who created the YouTube video below,

Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains region is just as spectacular as Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. In this video we'll explore, hike, and camp at several less-visited locations in the Bighorns region.


His video takes us to some of the best views and best places to hike in the Bighorns.

This mountain range is also a great place to drive slowly and stop often.

If you're on one of the main highways I'd suggest pulling off often.

Not just for the views and adventure, but to let local traffic go by.

The people who live in the area are always in a rush.

But don't worry about traffic too much. There are many backroads to explore.

Justin's video explores much of the northern end of the Bighorns.

Don't forget the southern end. There is so much to do and see.

Towns around the Bighorns include Buffalo and Sheridan on the eastern side. Plus many other small towns and interesting places like Hole In The Wall where Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid hid out.

The western side of the mountains has towns like Tensleep along with many other places to stay, enjoy good food and history, and explore.

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