Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has become exponentially popular during the Covid-19 crisis, and now his likeness has been used to create a new plush toy doll that's available for purchase.

A New England toy company, known simply as New England Toy, has created the new plush toy of Dr. Fauci.

The 12-inch plus toy currently sells for $25 and $5 from each sale of the plush doll will go towards a Covid-19 charity.

This isn't the first time Dr. Fauci has had merchandise made with his likeness. The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame is also selling a bobblehead of his that sells for $25 with portions of the proceeds going towards purchasing personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. There are also donuts being sold in Rochester, NY with his face on them. And if you go to Etsy, they are selling plenty of Dr. Fauci merch there as well.

If you'd like to purchase your own Dr. Anthony Fauci plush toy, you can do so here. I'm waiting for the Dr. Fauci action figure to come out. Unfortunately, I'm assuming that the germ-fighting hand sanitizer will be sold separately.

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