If you're someone who cares about wow-ing your house guests, then you've probably filled your walls with interesting items to catch their attention when they walk through the door. I mean - we need a conversation piece, right?

So have a look at your living room and try to figure out where you are going to place Sam, one of the biggest T-Rex finds in history. You'll probably need to move the sofa.

Near Rapid City, South Dakota, up in the Black Hills, is Hill City. That is where Sam currently resides.

Sam is 67 million years old and will be displayed at Christie’s in New York prior to auction on Oct. 6. Sam is expected to bring in around $6-$8 million.

Sam is cute. I mean come on. Just look at that face. He's a big guy though at 13 feet high and 40 feet long, including his tail. Sam is made up of 188 bones. He is one of the largest and most complete T-Rex skeletons in the world.

Sam is a local to our region, so it would be nice to bring him back home after the auction. His bones were found in parts of Montana, North, and South Dakota and Wyoming.

Getting Sam into your house should be easy. Just one piece at a time. He might take a little while to assemble. Then, invite the friends over. Just imagine the conversation you'll have.

"I'm sorry the what? Oh -- OH THAT OLD THING? Forgot he was there. Yeah that's Sam. Don't worry, he's house broken."

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