This young man bought a small plane in Ohio and flew it back to his home in Wyoming.

His father says, right up front in the video, that he could not be more proud. The young man's brother announces, with a smile on his face, "You're definitely going to die."

Piper’s Tri-Pacer made its debut in 1951 as a redesigned PA-20 Pacer. Originally equipped with a 125-hp engine, later models moved up in power, eventually to the 150-hp model also remained in production.

The body is fabric, not aluminum like other planes of its time.  It is not a fast plane - but it is fun to fly and reliable.

This trip took a few days with lots of stops for fuel and bathroom breaks. Flying into strong headwinds did not help. But, as I said, this bird is not meant for high and fast flying.

They finally landed at Harford Field which is a privately owned public-use airport six miles north of Casper, in Natrona County, Wyoming.

The video is a joy to watch as the young man flies, low and slow, back to Wyoming with his new plane.

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