YouTube personalities were arrested in Rawlins last week after breaking into an abandoned hotel and harassing wildlife.

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Cali O'Hare with Bigfoot 99 reports that "the arrest led to the recovery of a firearm stolen out of Las Vegas."

Dmitri Sergei Martyanov of Tempe, Arizona is charged with the felony theft of a firearm, while Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Aguinaga of Panorama, California is charged with felony possession of a controlled substance (3 ounces of marijuana).

O'Hare reported that citizens called Rawlins Police to report that 5 men had broken into the abandoned Budget Inn and had more than half a dozen firearms with them. The men were reported to have been documenting their "adventure" on Snapchat.

Prior to their arrest, the men took turns photographing and filming each other posing with the the guns, which included a Glock 29, a Glock .9mm, a .38 Special, and more, inside of the hotel rooms.

In their Snap stories, they referred to the hotel rooms as "the projects," and a "serial killer's house."

Concerned citizens called the Rawlins PD to report that the men had broken into the hotel room and were accosting a deer that happened to be in the area, throwing bread at it.

Chris Craig, the interim Chief of Police for the Rawlins Police Department, stated that "In the course of a traffic stop, officers located a large amount of drugs and...came across one particular firearm that was reported stolen."

Despite their arrest, the group continued to photograph and video themselves, even while inside a patrol car and whilst sitting in the police station.

"So, we're over getting arrested here in Wyoming," one of them men stated in the video. "They got all our guns. Choppa in handcuffs. You got Mondo in handcuffs."

Another of the men can be heard laughing in the background.

The two men arrested are now out on bond and their preliminary hearings are scheduled for next week.

According to O'Hare, the group's YouTube channel features an array of videos that "depict the harassment and degradation of homeless people."

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