I'll come right out and say it (even though saying it is offensive in itself)... Some people these days get offended at the DUMBEST THINGS. 

In most cases, I think they are faking it.

Here in Wyoming, we are not easily offended. BUT we have a few of our own strange things people get offended by. Things that are are unique to this state.

Ranch gate is locked and chained with mountains and brush in the background.

1). Not closing the gate. Land out this way has gates for a reason. Fine if you need to go through it. Hope you have permission. Close it behind you.

2). Not minding your own business. In some states, people get upset and get in each other's faces over every little thing. In Wyoming, it's more offensive if you are NOT minding your own business.

3). Not taking a few seconds to knock the snow off your boots. Boots, shoes, whatever. Don't track all that slop through the place unless you plan to clean it up yourself.

Winter boots in snow

4). Driving under the speed limit, unless you are hauling something. Anyone can understand driving slower when you are pulling a load of, whatever. But there is no excuse for going under the speed limit when you are light.

5). Using a Southern accent when trying to impersonate a Wyomingite. There are a lot of country folk out here, but we don't sound like that.

6). Moving to Wyoming to get away from the mess your state is in, then expecting Wyoming to become like the mess you just left.

Woman at breakfast table with chicken
Adrian Samson, Thinkstock

7). Assuming that everyone out here is uneducated and uncultured. Wyomingites are just as educated, have their own culture, and know a few things about living off the land that people from the more populated states don't know.

8). Actually dressing nice to shop at Walmart. Are you trying to make everyone else look bad?

9). Don't leave trash behind. That includes your friends, bring them home with you.

10). Drinking weak coffee in front of everyone else and adding a lot of sugar and creamer to it. Nobody out here want's to see that.

11). YOU pretending to be hyper offended by every little thing. That's just enough of that. Grow up.

BONUS OFFENCE! Apparently, bears get all bent out of shape when you try to hug their cubs.

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