Watch anyone from one part of America visit another part of America and you'll see wide-eyed culture shock.

Anyone visiting Wyoming from a more populated state or country will find something to be shocked by.

To be fair, folks from Wyoming have NO IDEA what to make of that big city life others live. It's just weird to them.

Things that are normal in Wyoming and shock outsiders:


Small towns and even small homes out in the middle of nowhere tend to confuse people who live in big cities. They have no idea what folks out there in all that nothing do with themselves. But the lack of people, the quiet and the solitude is the point of living out here.


I've met people from other countries as well as other states who are shocked to see folks walk right into a grocery store, or a bank, with a big pistol on their hip for all the world to see. But it makes sense when it's explained to them that calling the cops is rarely an option. There might not be cell service and if there is it will be a while before the police can get to where they are needed. Out here self-defense is left up to the individual.

The photo below is not an exaggeration, here in Wyoming.


Guns that are often misclassified as "assault weapons" can be found at almost any charity event as an auction or a raffle item. These guns are favorites among hunters for their ease of use and accuracy.

Riding Horses For Work:

The automobile replaced the horse... for the most part. In a state like Wyoming, the horse is still used for work that can't be done by any modern-day machine. So it's typical to see a real cowboy doing real cowboy things in the old cowboy way, on a horse.

BIG Vehicles:

In Wyoming, big vehicles with huge tires might just be a necessity, depending on the owner's line of work. Many roads out there are not paved. Those that are will be filled with snow and ice in the winter and mud in the spring. Big tires and four-wheel drive is a necessity to get to where the work is.

Wyoming Trucks
Drew Kirby/Canva

HUGE Outbuildings:

It's common in Wyoming to see an average-sized to small house surrounded by huge barns and sheds that make the home look tiny. Those big buildings are where the work is. The animals, machines, and tools that make it all happen are in there.

Dressing For Weather Over Fashion:

Much like everything else mentioned here, clothing in Wyoming is more for practicality than to make a statement. Most folks wear rugged outdoor gear. Whatever they have on is there to protect them against the elements, depending on the season. Even a colorful bandana around somebody's neck is not there to make a statement but to protect the nose and mouth against dust during the dry season.

What else do you do that's only normal in Wyoming?

It might seem weird to some folks who have never been here before. But everything you see has a purpose.

Wyoming Driving VS. City Driving

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