For some reason the retail giant left us off the list.

It's safe to say that you can get just about anything at Walmart. Shop home decor and clothing while grabbing groceries for the week and also having your tires rotated. It's the ultimate one-stop shop. Just going to Walmart can be a form of entertainment because you never know what you'll find as you walk around the store.

And now the parking lot is turning into a theater.

With theaters' hands still hovering over the re-open button, many of us are craving some entertainment. I mean, streaming is great, but get me out of the house please. I need a good date night back in my weekly repertoire.

Walmart recently announced that they will be using their massive parking lots at various Supercenters as drive-in theaters. It's right on par with 2020 as many old drive-in theaters have seen new life during the pandemic with movies and live music. Walmart's version will be a pop-up event that is touring much of the country.

Each event is free, but tickets will need to be requested/reserved in advance. No tickets will be available at the gate. Cars can carry as many people as seatbelts allow and must have FM radio for audio. Masks will also be required when you're outside of your vehicle.

Walmart plans on showing the following films:
Wonder Woman
Spy Kids
Space Jam
Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse
The Wizard of Oz
Black Panther
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Friday Night Lights

There's just one problem... they forgot us. Not one Walmart location in our state was included on their lineup. We're thinking they just forgot some key things, so we came up with five reasons they should reconsider.

5 Reasons Walmart Drive-In Movies Should Be In Our State

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