While there is nothing wrong with the old traditional Christmas tree, they can be a lot of work whether buying them, or reconstructing the one kept in the box in the attic. Watering the live ones. Decorating is a lot of work. Heaven help you if the cat gets up there. Then after Christmas, that all has to be taken down and put away.

But there are simpler and more creative ways to do this. Also less expensive.

If you live in a small apartment or are worried about the kids or the cat, then why not just hang this clever idea from the wall?

Here is another wall design that can go up in just minutes and won't need any watering.

A POP UP CHRISTMAS TREE? This is a tree that literally just pops up into place once the center pole is erected. It's fully lit and decorated. At the end of the holiday, just let it drop back down and pack it away.

What about just going out and getting some twigs and building one in a few minutes? This couple has a great idea.

This tree is just a wooden frame with decorations hung in the middle. I like this one a lot. Easy to make once. Easy to assemble every year after that.

These are just a few simple ideas to get you started. Now you can let your imagination run wild and build just about anything you want, saving time and money.

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