During my recent interview with Wyoming's Governor Mark Gordon, I asked him how the capital Christmas decorations were coming.

"That was a fight I had," he said. "Originally they weren't going to have any Christmas trees in the capital for fire regulations. But we fixed that."

Those of you who know me know I HATE overregulating bureaucrats.

So now we can't even have Christmas trees in the capital?

Did they actually try to ban that?


christmas tree
Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash

The new "rule" came after the renovation of the capitol building.

I guess that meant they had to bring in new code inspectors to have a look at the place, just to make sure all was well.

Before that, I don't recall anyone ever saying a thing about fire codes and trees in the building.

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I can understand why the fire marshal might be nervous. It's like that old Gallagher comedy bit when he talks about why firemen are nervous around Christmas time.

"Let's take a tree and put it in our house, with the heater on so it gets nice and dry. Then, we'll wrap it in paper ornaments, put cardboard boxes wrapped in paper with big paper bows under the tree. Light the fireplace. Drench the tree in strands of aluminum foil. Wrap it in electrical wire. Plug it in. Get drunk and light candles." (Gallagher, Stand Up Comic).

AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images

But come on Mr. Fire Marshal. Let's not go too far here. It's Christmas. People want to decorate.

Heck, you should visit the original Governor's Mansion and see how it's decorated every year. That would drive the fire marshal CRAZY!

So thank you to Governor Mark Gordon for saving us from the Christmas bureaucrats. I can't wait to see how the capital looks.

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