If you live in a high-altitude state like Wyoming you've probably noticed how big hail can be.

Down in southern states, for example, most hail that hits the ground is pea-sized.

That makes sense when you think about how far that ball of ice has to fall before hitting the ground.

But at five to six thousand feet in the air, that ball of ice won't have a chance to melt as much before it slaps bottom.

Many high-altitude state vehicles are filled with dozens of tiny dents or more from being caught out in a hail storm.

Here are some clever solutions to the problem.

A cheap way out is the pool noodle solution.

These things, made for having fun in a backyard swimming pool, are easily sewn together with fishing line.

Just toss it over the car when you think it's going to hail and it provides a cheap and easy buffer.

But caring this noodle net in your car might not be practical.

It takes up a lot of room.

What about something inflatable?

You'll have to run out and set it up when you see a storm coming, but this is much easier to store in your trunk.

Honestly, this makes it look like some larva is becoming a giant moth in your front yard.

Just toss this over your car and press inflate on the little fan.

Now your car is safe.

Your neighbors are laughing at you.

But you get the last laugh when they have to call their insurance company to report hail damage.

Actually, you can do the same thing by just buying a few inflatable pool rafts.

You'll still need to inflate them before the storm, but they do fold down nicely in the trunk when not in use.

What about something that is just padded?

No inflation necessary.

This next video demonstrates a 1/4-inch material that just lays out over the car.

There are tie-downs so it won't blow away.

No matter what you use, you'll have to have some sort of tie-downs.

Invest in bungee cords.

Here is the same idea, but cheaper.

This gentleman purchased some vinyl mats that have the same buffering ability, but cost much less.

They fold up in his truck and it only takes him a few minutes to lay them out across his car and tie them down with bungee cords.

Anything that you might find at an auto store, or online, you can make yourself by finding the next best thing at a local big box store.

If you do suffer hail damage, look at the bright side:

A golf ball has dimples to make it fly more aerodynamically.

If your car is filled with dents, does that mean you're saving gas?

I'm not sure but you can tell yourself that if you don't want to spend the money to repair all that damage.

You can insure for hail damage.

If you're not insured for it you'll have to pay out of pocket.

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