Sure, everybody has heard of Wyoming. But how many people have even tried to find it on a map? For those who have not, don't feel bad, there are people who have not tried to find your state on a map.

The name, Wyoming, sounds romantic and invokes images of mountains, buffalo, Old Faithful, the Pony Express, wagon trains, cowboys, and Indians. That's why people want to come out here, but first, they have to find it on a map.

Visiting Wyoming for the first time can be a bit confusing. Here are a few things that might throw the average visitor the first time they come to Wyoming.

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1). What the heck do people do for a living way out there? That's actually a good question. Wyoming has towns so small they seemed more like neighborhoods in the middle of nowhere. Where do people find work? The answer is, Wyoming provides the nation with electricity, gas, oil, and food- and all of that is produced in wide-open spaces. 

2). What do they do for fun way out here? Well, you might have noticed all that nature, and if you quit your yappin for 10 seconds, you might notice the quiet. The answer is, we spend all of our time enjoying all of it.

3). Is that a real cowboy? I understand the confusion here. There are people all over the world who like to dress up like cowboys. The answer is, if he looks as worn out as his pickup truck, it is.

4). Can I pet the fluffy cow? WOW! You really aren't from around here, are you? The answer is YES, but let me get my camera first.

5). Why are you doing it that way? Let me show you how we do it back where I come from. STOP! The reason we live out here is because we don't like the way you do it back there!

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