Bridger also received a special phone call from a very famous doctor.

It's a story of bravery that has captured the heart of the world. Bridger Walker from Wyoming is a hero at just six years old after saving his sister from a dog attack. He was able to step between her and the dog before getting her to safety. He did however, suffer some gnarly injuries to the face. Immediately following the attach, Bridger underwent surgery and had to get several stitches along the left side of his face.

Since news of his courage spread, Bridger has received a lot of attention. People have been lining up to talk to him including several cast members from the Avengers. Now there is a New York City dermatologist who is treating Bridger's scar as it continues to heal.

Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali is administering laser treatments to address the color and texture of the scar.

Although the sessions can be a little intense, Dr. Bhanusali says Bridger is doing very well. In addition to the treatments, Dr. Bhanusali coordinated with dermatologist in Utah, Dr. Cory Maughan, to work with the family in order to get Bridger to the Big Apple. And he didn't stop there. He also arranged a phone call for Bridger from Dr. Sandra Lee who is better known as Dr. Pimple Popper from TLC.

Bridger also received his own white doctor's coat.

We are so proud of Bridger and hope to be just as brave as he is!

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