How fast does the wind gust have to be to send a midsized dumpster tumbling down the road?

The trash never came out. It was all still inside when this video was taken.

Still, even without trash, that container is heavy enough that a person would not be able to lift it.

There are not any wheels on this thing, so we can't say that the wind rolled it down the street.

It's laying on its side- wait, no, that thing is upside down.

From what I can make out of the audio, Josh Hopkins of Chugwater, Wyoming, says that this container was lifted straight up,

In the video, he shows where the dumpster was before the wind moved it.

Watch the video below. You won't be able to understand much of what is being said.

So how much force do you think it takes to do this?

It is not so much the wind that does something like this, it's the gusts.

Gusts on Monday reached over 80mph in some places.

But in Chugwater, Wyoming, where this video was shot, gusts can get more intense.

Chugwater sits down between some tall bluffs.

That means the wind pressure is channelled through the bluffs, building pressure similar to putting your finger over a garden hose will pick up the speed of the water flowing out.

Josh figured it took about a 90mph gust to do this.

In the photo below you can see where the dumpster was by the brown grass mark.

attachment-Wyoming wind dumpster 1

There is a ditch that extends to just about where this photo was taken.

There is also a hill above.

So, we can imagine that the wind came down the hill and into the ditch before rising up from under the dumpster and picking it up, tossing it through the air like, well, trash.

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