Those heavy winds Wyoming suffered through on Monday will continue through today.

The worst of it should be over by Wednesday.

Early Monday winds had already caused blow overs in Southern Wyoming.

Pictures from WYDOT cameras show several large vehicles on their sides and some blocking traffic.

The sustained winds are bad enough.

It's the gusts that will get you.

This wreck happened on I-25 where the worst of the crosswinds were.

attachment-Wydot blowover 1

Bridges are the worst.

Wind wraps around bridges and even picks up speed under them, which is why this truck began tipping while crossing the bridge and finished tipping over just after it.

Wind can be helpful when it's giving us a push from behind.

That just means better gas mileage.

It's a hassle when we are driving right into it.

attachment-WYDOT truck wind 1

The crosswind is what will get you, like with this truck on its side and blocking much of the interstate.

This next picture was also on I-25 close to the Colorado state line.

I hope that trucker is okay.

attachment-Wydot blowover 2

Multiple blowovers were reported on Monday.

Many between Laramie and Rawlins.

More will happen on Tuesday.

attachment-WYDOT truck wind 2

Because of the continued risks through Tuesday, some roads are closed to high-profile and light vehicle traffic.

That doesn't stop some drivers from going through anyway.

Below is a look at the latest WYDOT advisories.

attachment-Wydot blowover warning

Does your vehicle fall into WYDOT's Weight-Based Closures?

WYDOT provides a handy list, with pictures, so you can see if they are talking to you when they close a road to some vehicles.

In most cases, drivers of these vehicles can either wait out the wind or go around it.

Going around the wind takes much more time, but it is safer.

Do you see your vehicle or trailer on the list below?

attachment-WYDOT weight based wind closures

Let's have a look at why this part of the country gets so windy.

The worst of Wyoming's wind usually happens as we switch seasons.

Summer to fall and spring to summer are the windiest times.

Low-pressure systems move down from the north bringing high winds.

Add Wyoming's mountain rangers to that equation and those wind speeds will increase.

Wyoming's mountain rangers force that pressure through narrow passes, making a venture effect.

It's like putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose. That pressure is going somewhere.

The video below is the latest video advisory from WYDOT.

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