As a kid, we all knew that we were about to be involved in something EPIC, when dad said, "Don't tell mom."

Here are a few universal 'don't tell mom' moments that most of us have experienced.

1) When dad taught you to drive long before you were old enough to drive. In some cases he had to push the peddles for us because we couldn't reach.

2) Ice Cream and maybe even cake at odd times. Maybe even in the middle of the night.

3) Letting us watch that movie that dad agreed kids should never be allowed to watch. He might have even watched it with us.

4) Let us follow him in the middle of the night when he went to fix something. He might have given us the all-important job of holding the flashlight.

5) Caught us eating all the cookies. Helped us finish them.

6) That time when dad drove the car dangerously just to give us a thrill.

7) Fixed the thing we broke, or he broke, and we all swore not to tell mom who broke it.

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No dad is perfect. But there are times when he is the greatest dad ever. Those times usually come with the line "don't tell mom right before or just after something epic.

Thanks Dad.

Now please, don't anyone show this article to Mom. We don't need her finding out.

Just curious though, how many "Don't tell Dad," moments can you think of?

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