Someone from Minnesota, who apparently has never been outside of Minnesota, has filled in a blank map of the United States Of America.

Right away I had to see what they think of those of us who live in Wyoming.

Before you read it, realize, this person OBVIOUSLY has never been that far from home.

So what he knows about Wyoming will be based on what he think's he has heard about the state and the impressions he has based on TV shows and movies.

With that in mind, let's zoom in and have a look.


Why the Colorado reference?

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He really has never seen Wyoming.

I can take him places that will blow his mind.

The part that reads "and without weed," leads me to believe he was probably stoned when he wrote this.

Wyoming has weed. Just not legal weed.

The top left corner of the state is a weird border where he writes "Hurts my OCD."

Let's have a look at the full map of the USA to see what he might have gotten right, or wrong.


Well, he got Nebraska right:

Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, 

For South Dakota

"Vacation when we are too poor to go anywhere else." That's not entirely wrong.

He labels a large chunk of the South as a "DO NOT TRAVEL ZONE!" But he doesn't say why. Too hot maybe?


"Not allowed to complain about cold." I grew up in Florida. That's a true statement.


"NO CLUE!" At least he's honest about that one. Frankly, most of us have no idea what is happening in Nevada.


"South Canada." I'll give him credit for being honest about his home state.

This guy's map is mostly true.

But he needs to rethink and rewrite what he said about Wyoming.

Let's have a look at what Wyomingites think about people visiting our state.

A Field Guide To Wyoming Tourist Types

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