Homesteading is not a thing of the past.

Actually, it has had a bit of a resurgence in recent years as some folks have left the big cities and towns for a life of less drama.

But the so-called "simple life" comes with its own challenges.

Author, entrepreneur, and homesteader Jill Winger speaks and writes about what she is up against, and how she overcomes these challenges, on her Wyoming homesteader podcast.

Homesteaders have chosen a challenging life. Nothing is easy about it. But the rewards make them stay and never want to quit.

You can watch her podcast in the video below.

She begins her latest talk by writing on her webpage:

Today I’m chatting with you about something that’s consumed my life lately… a stage I’m going through that is my most challenging one to date. I’ve been feeling like the Lone Ranger in this category, and I’m sure I’m not, so please listen in and let me know if you commiserate with what I’m going through.

Podcast Episode Highlights
Why this is such a challenging homesteading season for me
Having toddlers vs. older kids on the homestead
Why I think this info on struggling with older kids isn’t online very much
Why I think it’s important for my kids to socialize in the community
Strategy #1: Being selective with our activities
Strategy #2: Reducing the complexity of the homestead
Sharing what it’s like being active in 4-H…
What 4-H has taught my kids…
Final thoughts on our current stage of homesteading

Listen to this episode at this link.

Photo By Tim Mandese
Photo By Tim Mandese

Jill Winger is owner of The Chugwater Soda Fountain in Chugwater Wyoming. It's Wyoming's oldest running soda fountain, and she recently remodeled it and brought the business back to life.

She is also a Wyoming homesteader with a popular Podcast and Youtube page.

You can follow her through her website, The Prairie Homestead.


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