Do you have cold weather traditions?

Cold weather traditions build memories and make us look forward to those brutal days that most people curse.

In Chugwater, Wyoming, at the Tri-County Mercantile, that meant making fresh donuts with coffee and eating them by the wood stove.

Bitterly cold snowy days are meant for doughnut-making and friends.

Chug Springs Butchery has meats at the Tri-County Mercantile. They posted the following on their FaceBook page.

Growing up in NC we didn’t have much snow, so when we did, everything shut down and everyone was home and that meant doughnuts, hot chocolate, and if everyone was agreeable it meant friends over and games.

I carried the tradition on over with my children but living in WY is quite a bit different than NC.

We get lots more snowy cold days and life doesn’t really slow down to accommodate it. So it’s gotten to be only one snowy day a season.

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Today it was so bitterly cold and the kids didn’t have school so they were asking for doughnuts. So instead of making it just for our family we decided to share the fun with our little town.

We had lots of fun making it and delivering it to the little mercantile in town where people could drift in, get a doughnut with coffee, and cozy up by their wood stove.

Someday we’ll have to do it and have games inside as well as snow games outside. Little towns grow best where there is love and goodwill towards all! (Chug Springs Butchery)

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It's never just about the homemade donuts or the coffee.

It's about who's there to enjoy it with you.

In some of Wyoming's smallest towns, like Chugwater, Population 178, moments like this go a long way and sink deep into everybody's memories.

That means that, maybe after a couple of years pass by, and another winter blast like this comes along, folks will start to salivate as they think of homemade donuts and coffee, and they will pick up their phones and call their friends.

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Some folks from more populated areas wonder why anyone would want to live in a tiny little town like Chugwater, Wyoming.

Now you know.


Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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