Apparently last year a nude guy was walking around Chugwater, Wyoming.


I was at the Tri-County Mercantile in Chugwater, Wyoming chatting with some friends of mine when they mentioned that time the nude guy came to visit.

They called him a streaker. But the definition of "streaker" is a guy who runs through a crowd, naked, to attract attention.

This guy was not running.

He was in his birthday suit, calmly roaming the town.

Why the hell not? It was a nice spring day. Perfect time to go for a stroll in the warm sun after a long cold winter.

He was not from Chugwater- for the record.

Locals called the police and an officer was sent out.

But there was nothing the officer could do about it.


Did you know that Wyoming is a NUDIST STATE?

Wyoming does not have any laws against being naked in public.

If the guy was being obscene in some way, or harassing people, then they could arrest him.

But just walking around in the buff is not a crime.

Yes, I am aware that revealing this fact to the general public is dangerous.

Having accidentally walked onto a couple of nude beaches in my life, (I grew up on an island off the southwest coast of Florida), I can tell you that the people who like to get naked in public are never the people you want to see naked.

After a while, the naked guy climbed back into his vehicle and went home.

He has not visited Chugwater since.

Well, not that they know of. He might have shown up wearing clothes... but nobody was looking at his face, so they would not recognize him.

Then there was that time when some guy arrived in Chugwater with a pickup truck full of gravel swearing that he was going to get gold out of it.


Chugwater's Hysterical Pie Eating Contest.

One of Wyoming's smallest towns added a new event. A PIE EATING CONTEST.

The rules are simple:

Not hands allowed.

Eat as much as you can before time is up.

The results are hysterical.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods


Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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