If you've never been to a Chugwater Chili Cookoff And Rodeo, make a note to visit next year.

This year's weather was beyond perfect, and the attendance was record-breaking.

Music, food, arts and crafts, more food, rodeo, classic car show.

What a great day!

Chugwater Chili Cookoff 2023

What a huge year for the Chugwater Chili Cookoff and Rodeo in Chugwater Wyoming.

Perfect weather, great off, awesome music, record crowd, damn fine car show, and the rodeo was a blast.

If you missed this year's, hope to see you at next.

Chugwater's Hysterical Pie Eating Contest.

One of Wyoming's smallest towns added a new event. A PIE EATING CONTEST.

The rules are simple:

Not hands allowed.

Eat as much as you can before time is up.

The results are hysterical.

Painful To Watch, Chugwater Rodeo Rider Caught Under Hoof

Harding ridding at the 2021 Chugwater Chili Cookoff in Chugwater Wyoming


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