Tourist season has begun. Welcome to Wyoming, and we really do mean that.

While touring our great state you might notice a few oddities that some of you out-of-state-ers see as a little strange and unsettling. This is a handy guide to help you out.

1). DON'T FREAK WHEN A STRANGER SMILES AND SAYS HELLO. No that was not a pervert, a drug addict, a murder, or a mugger. People here are actually friendly, even if you are a stranger. If you are from a major city you might be a bit taken back by a stranger looking you in the eye, smiling, and saying hello. No need to be afraid. These are actual nice people who really don't want anything more than just a smile and a hello back.

2). YOU DON'T NEED TO FEEL SORRY FOR SMALL TOWN PEOPLE. In Wyoming, you will see some of the smallest towns in the history of small towns. They are not poor or uneducated. They prefer to live a quiet and simple life. Actually, if you are from a populated state or city they feel sorry for you. Click here to see why. 

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3). BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THE PEOPLE IN WYOMING DON'T CARE HOW YOU DO IT BACK HOME. The people of Wyoming believe that you have ruined where you came from and they don't want to make the same mistakes here.

4). LOTS OF PEOPLE OUT HERE CARRY GUNS. Believe it or not that this is not seen as dangerous or weird. This is actually a very peaceful state, unlike where you are from, that has gun control.

5). AIR SMELLS WEIRD WHEN IT'S NOT FULL OF POLLUTION. Actually, it doesn't. You're just used to the air having a harsh flavor. The people of Wyoming take care of their land, water, and air. Soak it in. It's actually healthy. (Refer to #2 for more information).

6). THE PEOPLE ARE NICE BUT THE ANIMALS WILL EAT YOU. Remember that reaction you give creepy people back home when they look you right in the eye, smile, and say hello? What if they tried to hug and pet you? That is how the animals of Wyoming see YOU!

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