For some people, a buffet restaurant is about being able to dine and dash without having to wait.

A good buffet provides that, plus, hopefully, food that is good for you.

For some, the buffet is an easy way to feed the family while on vacation.

Then again, all you can eat is really attractive.

But not all buffets are good.

Based on my own experiences here are the best, top-quality, buffets in Wyoming.

China Buffet, Cheyenne, WY

There are several Chinese restaurants and buffets in Cheyenne, but this one has always had the best quality and variety of food in town.

Eat as much as you like Chinese buffet restaurant in London Chinatown

QT’s Restaurant, Cody, WY

Located inside the Holiday Inn at Buffalo Bill Village. It looks average on the outside. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with new foods to explore most every day.

Hibachi Supreme Buffet, Casper, WY

This buffet is HUGE. Mostly Asian foods. You'll find it in Casper's mall.

Pizza Ranch, Casper, Wy

They don't just serve pizza. Build a salad, have some chicken with potatoes and vegies. Always good.

Jen’s Chinatown, Powell, WY

Chinese entrees, sides, appetizers, and more. This is a small restaurant but it makes up for it in quality.

Silver Creek Steakhouse, Gillette, WY

This place offers a breakfast buffet and, most famously, an outstanding prime rib buffet.

Pizza Ranch, Gillette, Wy

Just as good as their location in Casper.

Group of people holding plates, taking food from buffet
David De Lossy

Dragon Wall, Sheridan, WY

Another good quality Chinese buffet for when you just want to sit and eat something good, and good for you.

New Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, Worland, WY

Traditional Chinese restaurant during the week with a fabulous lunch buffet on weekdays.

China Town, Cody, WY

They will do a stir-fry or you and have vegetarian options.

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