If you like the mural above, you should see what's inside the restaurant.

Most people near Cheyenne Wyoming know of T-Joe's Steakhouse & Saloon.

This popular place is not where you would expect it.

It is right next to Interstate 80 Service Rd Cheyenne, WY.

Sandwiched between a fireworks shop and a truck stop.

The new owner, Sherrie Lyle, has been working to spruce up the old place which was beginning to look a little tired on the outside.

The picture above is a mural that she painted on a building in front of the restaurant, which she made into an art gallery.

The artist is James Overstreet. 

12700 Interstate 80 Service Rd Cheyenne, WY
Photo by Tim Mandese art by James Overstreet.

Overstreet has shown his work in various places throughout Colorado and Wyoming including the Cheyenne Artists Guild, The Cheyenne Civic Center, Ester and John Clay gallery at Laramie County Community College. Art Lab in Fort Collins, Colorado and The Phillip J. Steele Gallery in Lakewood, Colorado.

But why stop there?

She then had a local artist take his paint brushes inside the restaurant to spruce up the walls.

She could have just painted the walls one single color, but that would be boring!

Besides these murals, there is more art that can be purchased and taken home.

Don't ask to take the wall home, she can't do that.

Photo by Tim Mandese
Photo by Tim Mandese art by James Overstreet.

Sherie likes paleontology and geology so you'll see a lot of dino and geo-references on the walls.

All of this is so colorful it will keep your attention as you eat some of the best steaks, and other home-style cooking, in Wyoming.

At least these dinosaurs look like happy dinosaurs.

Just look at that T-Rex smile.

Photo by Tim Mandese
Photo by Tim Mandese art by James Overstreet

But it's not all from that far back.

Below is a mural of a proud buck on the prairie.

Not long ago T-Joe's was showing its age and looked like a place that you might eat if you could not think of a better place to go.

But that's all changing, inside and out.

Now it's worth eating there for the food, drinks, and to admire the artwork.

Photo by Tim Mandese
Photo by Tim Mandese art by James Overstreet

Go have a look and keep going back.

Who knows what Sherri will do next.

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