When you stop for a hamburger for lunch or a beef taco, do you take a moment to think about where that food comes from?

There are folks out in states like Wyoming who have been providing that meat, which you just order and pick up.

The work they do is hard.

They have been at it for generations.

It's a lifestyle that most of America never sees.

Special thanks to Jesse and Arden Miller of the 3/J Ranch along with Cole Borchardt and family at their ranch for allowing us to come and watch and learn how they still do it out west.

A Traditional Wyoming Branding

Ranchers in states like Wyoming still do it the way it has been done for generations.

Let's take a peak into how ranchers near Chugwater, Wyoming gather to help their neighbors with the hard work that needs to be done.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

The Worst Taxidermy In Existence

Some of these horrible taxidermy jobs are supposed to be bad.

Some were supposed to be good but obviously did not turn out that way.

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Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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