Over the past few years, you have heard a lot of press regarding the "meatless" hamburger. You might remember names like Impossible and Beyond Beef.

That media hype has faded over the past couple of years. Where has the "meatless burger" gone?

The idea that this plant-based "meat" was supposed to be better for us and better for the planet.

It turns out the meat substitute is not better for us or the planet, and while people were willing to give it a try, out of curiosity, costumers did not stick with in.


According to Dr. Linda Shiue, Director of Culinary Medicine at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco, “Aside from the possibility that eating meatless burgers might help people reduce their consumption of red meat, I don't consider meatless burgers to be a health food per se, as they are a highly processed food.” (U.S. News).

As for not being better for the planet, find a list of reasons why not at this link.

But most people don't care about all that. It means nothing to them. The reason you don't hear much about "meatless" meat any more is because....

Americans are still obsessed with REAL meat.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

We eat more meat than any other category of food, and despite the recent rise in the price of beef, due to inflation, we keep consuming more every year.

Our other favorite protein is chicken. Currently Americans consume 54.6 pounds of chicken a year.

Despite Hollywood culture pushing meat alternatives and "news" media insisting that Americans are “consuming less red meat,” Americans are eating more beef today than five years ago.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Americans might give a fad diet try. But in the end, they always go back to their favorite meats.

The New York Post reported that the average American consumed 58.6 pounds of red meat in 2021. That's roughly five more pounds of red meat than five years ago.

According to The Post popular culture continually insisting that a meatless diet is the future is an example of them being “hilariously out of touch with the masses.”

In NYC, for example, Vegan restaurants might pop up and get attention for a while. Folks will eat there to be seen eating there. But those restaurants don't last long and shut down after a short while. It's the steak houses that stay open.


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